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I am quite certainly not fond of the Numbers cards.

Or of screaming. I am very much not fond of screaming. At all.

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Por que?
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Ick. Think I should get rid of the Ant I have?

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Errrgh. I'm going to try and hide the thing....

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That's... odd.
Did you find out why they started screaming after you won?

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Well, at least you have the card, that's the main thing.

But you said she didn't even recognize you while under the possession?

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Huh. That's the first instance I know of where a Number card has taken away someones own identity to the point that they don't remember people and their own name.

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Yeah, it's possible the length of time had something to do with how strong of a hold it had on her. I think so far the others I've come across possibly had theirs for less time than that.

...which means we could be seeing more and more of these types of possessions.
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Ask questions, I'll answer.

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Shiroko told me she heard about a Number being flotted around by some delinquents. Dunno why she didn't go after it herself. Went and got it. And then... things start getting blurry off and on.

Almost nadda.

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Suspicious how?

You know what we need to do? Lunch.

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... You think she planned this...?

We should. We should totes schedule them more regularly.

[Private to Shikou]

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Why would my sis set me up to get brainwashed? Even if she's evil or some shit, what would be da point?

Re: [Private to Shikou]

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So she's been turned into a mastermind for their escape...?

Ugh. Shiroko...
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Re: [Private to Shikou]

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Then I'll beat the Numbers out of her.

Re: [Private to Shikou]

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Who the hell do you think I am?
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Re: [Private to Shikou]

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I'm headstrong and brash, not retarded.