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I figured it would be best to post this so Juudai is aware, and since Souha does... Not seem to be entirely coherent just yet.

This weekend, Souha and I, and several others, helped to take care of the witch situation that was harassing Noriko, at that parlor place that was in the city. We both encountered a Number there-- Number 7: Lucky Straight. He, the Number themselves, challenged Souha to a duel, and thankfully, Souha won. Though through odd circumstances.

However, it had tried to... mentally tear them apart during the duel itself.

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The Number challenged Souha itself? Without the use of having someone under it's control?

Hm, thanks for letting me know, Shikou. I'll make a note of it.
I hope Souha is doing alright.

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Hmm, it's concerning that this Number was able to work on it's own like that. Tell Souha to keep an eye on that one, just in case.

I'm glad Souha is doing better. Guess he just needs time to re-cooperate.
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... That would imply he's unlike the other ones or very powerful or both, right?
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... So a dangerous wizard of sorts? Greeeeeeat.
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Well, that's another Number down... I wonder how many are left. It can't be too many, right?
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Well. I think me and Shiyoko have something in the order of 20+ or so, between us.
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Despite the sheer stupidity of some parts of Susan's plan (the clothes, et al), I feel we did a good thing getting these cards out of the way.