observershikou: (ah...?)
observershikou ([personal profile] observershikou) wrote2013-03-06 03:30 pm

[Dual Post]

Mmm... Has anyone ever felt frustrated about something that they can't do, but should be able to do?


*Shikou's sitting under a tree in the park, mostly keeping to himself, reading something.

But then he seems to get a bit antsy, glancing around and seeing that no one's really around, or paying attention to him, as he closes his book, instead raising one of his clawed hands to hover over some of the ground and grass next to him.

He focuses, his fingers bending slightly as the earth under the hand's shadow shifts slightly, the smallest clumps of dirt starting to raise, as though beckoned to him.

He however, seems a bit annoyed at the results.*

Mm, only this much...

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