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Juudai, you were looking out for objects with an emblem of... A lion, with a stinger and wings, correct?

I'm currently in possession of two... belts, I guess, that match that description. Though, I will admit now, they're broken.

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Ah! Yes, I was!

I actually met the person who is making these belts... or at least she said she was when I asked her and she gave me a really weird explanation as to what she needed them for.

Though I still don't know their actual identity as they were wearing a disguise.

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Yeah, she explained her goal to me and I tried to get as much information about it as possible, but right now I can't do much other than deal with things as and when they come.

It's troublesome to you?

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Really? Was there any reason for it?

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Urgh, I still really don't like any of this and I get the feeling this woman didn't tell me everything. She was very vague on some things and claimed she couldn't remember things that would of been important.

She told me the aim of the belts and the rank-up cards was to open the doors to a world no-one has seen before and wished to do so to gain knowledge, but she was vague on why she wanted this knowledge or where she'd got the information about this place from. She said she'd caught a glimpse of it once, but said she didn't remember how.
She said something about the belts and cards are a form of "ranking-up".

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When I asked the woman how these belts are supposed to open up this gate all she responded with was "by ranking-up". Not sure if it means it's somehow building up power somewhere by having people use these items... hmm...

I dealt with a man who was a member of a yakuza gang who used a belt to knock out competitors and a boy who used one of the belts to become a lizard superhero.

On the rank-up magic side of things, I dueled a girl who used one of those to "rank-up" her XYZ monster through a chaos XYZ summon. When she did it, this weird bat like thing appeared on her.
Come to think of it, she had some kind of beef with Suzume too, but that's probably just a coincidence.

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We can only guess it means evolving or getting stronger somehow for the time being...

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And sadly, those were answers I just couldn't get out of her.

I'm also curious on how these belts actually work and how they can turn people into these monsters. What's in the cartridges that enables it?

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Is there anyone we know who is good with this kind of technology stuff? I've been trying to think who I could ask to take something like these cartridges apart, but I was coming up blank.

She was pretty well disguised when I talked to her, but from other descriptions I've gotten is that she's a blonde woman who wears gothic lolita style clothing. Her disguise on the day I talked to her sort of fitted that clothing description.

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Yeah, it's just finding them.
I really hate having to play waiting games.