observershikou: (unamused)
observershikou ([personal profile] observershikou) wrote2014-11-06 10:33 pm

[Event Post]

*Let's say we're in one of the many rooms that're in the Hotel that Euphie and Shiroko own.

Porcelain Curse Bearer, after you got unceremoniously knocked out after flying to the back of the church after a duel against an ogre and a warrior, you may find yourself snapping back to a state of consciousness and/or awareness in a room.

And there's someone watching you, looking lightly unamused by your previous antics, standing in front of the only door out of the room. There's a level of... pressure coming from him, that doesn't immediately catch your attention while you're unaware, but once you are...

Let's just say it's a little unnerving.*

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