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I sometimes wonder about what I should do with myself. In terms of work.

I mean, I do like working at Labirinto, but I do wish at times that my skillset wasn't so... Limited. And I don't really get many duels, since my deck isn't very suitable for it... I should really think about rethinking my strategies, at some point.

Though, it'd probably help if I were more comfortable with attention... Not having that really limits things a lot more, it's starting to feel like. For now, working as a guard is okay, but as years go by... It's going to get restrictive.
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I like working there too. ... Maybe we should just cosign ourselves to it?

Though my parents are pressuring me to start taking over at some position in their business, saying I've had enough time to "mess around", if I can't find steady work otherwise.
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I'm still not sure I'm into that job.

Though I don't see what's wrong with doing Guard Work unless it's just not fulfilling.
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Yeah, like if he needed work done in the 12 Dimensions, and I'm not too comfortable about that.

I really kind of still feel ultra clingy about being normal.
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Though what kind of work are you looking for at the moment?
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Well give me the stuff you really like that your hands would break.
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People pay top money for specialty dishes.

... Well maybe not Earth hunting tools, but there's probably weapons elsewhere designed for someone of your strength.

... Well Noriko's offering to help you with that last issue.
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... Maybe we should wait on Noriko for cooking and building, and I don't know, ask someone from the 12 Dimensions who knows about weapons like that.
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What exactly is wrong with your strategies?
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... Hrm.

On the one hand, there's always burn.

On the other hand, you might be better in Action Duels.

But that still doesn't get around the issue of Xyz and Synchro.
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You can run around, and indulge a little in a more theatrical manner.

... Something to investigate. I can try going over cards with you at a later point, I suppose.
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Give me some time to delve through my resources, then.

And also to do my own work, I have a few night jobs to attend to.
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If you could name any preferences, it would help.
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As with Wakahisa, I'll be back to you in a few days. I have some ideas floating in my head, already, but I want to double check them.
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Well, is there something you want to do as a hobby?

You could always be a trophy husband, though.

Though, your skill set is limited by your hands, right?
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Why not, you'd get to go to parties, talk to people, eat nice food, and want to shoot yourself from the sheer tedium. ... Wow, it does suck.

... Uh. Hrm.

Would a pair of artificial hands capable of more nimble, gentle tasks be of interest to you?

I've been making advances in that since I've been studying Shiroko.
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I guess that's why Suzume and Shiroko insist on working.

Do you know how Shiroko keeps up with the amount of orders she's requested to make?
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That she creates from all the black magic she's soaked in, yes.
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No, silly.

These would be floating magical assistant hands you can create and dismiss.
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Give me a week or so to throw an elementary rig together.

I'll also do this for free as a favor, but I get to call in a counter favor whenever I want.
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Be back to you in a couple days, dear.