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I feel this is important to note, but...

It appears that Setsuo was attacked-- apparently sometime last night. He was found unconscious and beaten up, his duel disk still activated.

They're still investigating what might've happened, and the current belief is that a duel gang might've attacked him, but they're not certain. It's a very busy area, especially around that time of day, but as far as I could be told, no one saw anything.

... and it doesn't help that he's been unconscious this whole time.

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He was attacked?! And no-one saw anything despite it being a busy area?

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I see.
Would you be able to let me know what data they find on the duel disk?

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Just as I thought.
It's possible Setsuo was targeted by the Numeral Hunter who's been attacking people, specifically people with Numbers cards. Any duels done with him results in corrupted data, as he uses time manipulation to get to his victims. This is probably why nobody saw anything on such a busy street.

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Chances are he probably had one. So far the hunter has only gone after people that have Numbers, other than the suspected attack on some of the spirits at SAI too... but that's not completely confirmed to be him.

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We know that they've been sent by order of the high court in order to hunt down the Numbers. He has an ability to manipulate time and is able to freeze it around those he is targeting so he won't be disturbed. We also know that he's using very powerful and dangerous monsters. So far we have the details on two of the monsters he uses.
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I managed to obtain security footage from an outdoor camera in the area that found Setsuo.

It's as I feared. One second, he's fine, the next, he's on the ground. There's almost no doubt that time-manipulation was used here.

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I'll quote what Sadame was able to get from a student of his who was also attacked:

`Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon. Level 8. Dragon, Light. 3000 Attack, 2500 Defense. Effect unknown.

Full Armor Photon Dragon. Rank 8. Dragon. Light. 4000 Attack. 3500 Defense. Is capable of destroying a card that is on the field, but otherwise, effect unknown.`

He apparently was about to summon a third monster before that duel was interrupted.
Those are all the details so far.

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No problem.
And thank you. Once he's awake, I would like to speak to him.
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I don't think a duel gang attacking him could keep him out that long.
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How long has he been unconscious?!
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....let me make sure I have this straight.

He was attacked, but nobody saw anything, in a busy area with plenty of people around. He was just found in a wounded state and he's been unconscious since then?
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There's a bit of that going around, it would seem.

Do you know exactly where he was when he was attacked? I'd like to look into this further.
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Alright. I'm going to check the security footage around that area.

...I hope Setsuo turns out alright. If he wakes up, please contact me.
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Point me at whose throat I rip out.
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And I assume family only for the hospital?

Ugh, I am going to beat up whoever did this if I find them.

And do keep me informed about the Duel Disk and how Setsuo does. And if you find anything more about his attacker.
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... Thanks.