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... I feel like someone mentioned me.

I don't really like that feeling...

... Ah, I haven't really used this very often. Not since... October? I got a new job doing manager work for one of Noriko's stores, and I'm working out attempting to renew being a Pro Duelist. I changed my deck, so hopefully this will work out better in terms of getting duels than Necromill did...

I'm still working on my other project, too. I'm managing some consistency with design, but that other thing still isn't working out...

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How can you tell?

You should probably consider playtesting against people.

And what is that project anyways?
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... I'm not sure if that's a serious foreboding or not.

Adam runs that Carden of Eden place, so you might be able to run into people to play there.

Oh, that. Right right.
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Yeah. Let's not rock the boat when we just got on the boat.

Maybe I could come join you?
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Then I will be. I want to get back to Dueling, myself.