observershikou: (ah...?)
Well, I got another one of those Number cards. Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon.

Wish it hadn't been with Setsuo, though. I still can't get some of the numbness out of me, from it...
observershikou: (unamused)
I should really stop getting predictions done, but I don't think I will ever learn, when it comes to it...

... "The Crimson Queen must die", huh? I think that might at least be something I should be worried about. Predictions aren't usually so straightforward.
observershikou: (what the hell)
Well, I got one of those Numbers cards.

Of course, now it sounds like they're messing with people... Which I guess is no surprise-- this one was in the possession of a girl who was very confused and lost. After acting like she was a pirate during the whole duel.

It was very odd.
observershikou: (what the hell)
I never thought I'd see Mr. Raisekai again. Rather odd that he's suddenly appeared.

... Do I really not look any different from then?
observershikou: (ah...?)
Congratulations to "Team 5D's". I do hope your next duel goes well.

I suppose now, focus might go back to Pro Duels... Would be nice to have a position that is more than just intel and orders.
observershikou: (what the hell)
... Strange.

I wonder what happened to that other team... I guess they must have dropped out, or something... Something feels a bit off, though...

Well, at least the tournament's schedule is now out.
observershikou: (being serious)
First Suzume gets attacked, and then Shiroko gets attacked two days later.

This isn't boding well for the new year, to me.
observershikou: (ah...?)
Well, that is a bit surprising to have found out... though, I guess that doesn't change much. Hmm...

... though, I wonder if there's something wrong with Setsuo. He's seemed a bit down recently, to me. More quiet, too. I've asked him when I see him, but he always says he's fine and tries to act cheery, so I don't know...

[Private to Noriko] )
observershikou: (what the hell)
... So, I just dueled a Wightmare that had an army of skeletons following me around.

And yet all I can wonder is how skeletons can drink coffee.
observershikou: (calmed down)

At least that went very well.
observershikou: (ah...?)
Ah... "New villains of the Pro League", huh?

I do wonder how I should think about that... It's a bit conflicting.

Congratulations though, Mr. Haitayuu.
observershikou: (being serious)
Mmrg... Nightmares are getting worse, now. I haven't appeared in someone else's dream again, yet, but... something tells me I'd almost prefer it, at this point.
observershikou: (being serious)
... I don't think I'll be able to sleep for a while.

Also I think I can state that Darklord Asmodeus is a sadist.
observershikou: (what the hell)
... This is certainly an odd question, I'll admit it. But now it's going to be bugging me, so...

How would anyone react to the idea that I might be terrakinetic?
observershikou: (unamused)
... Mrn... Those lizard dogs are still around, ah? Wonderful.

... Might be good to try to do that... Maybe after I return it...
observershikou: (ah...?)
... So, ah...

Does anyone mind reminding me sometime, in the future, that when you're stabbed by a blade, you're supposed to feel pain immediately, instead of later?

observershikou: (ah...?)
Aah... Since things have calmed down, Setsuo decided to stop by and visit me. Didn't really expect that.

He gave me some fruit-scented candle... Honestly very odd. I didn't expect him to give me something. I guess I'll need to figure out something to give back, since he seems to always expect that...

On the other hand, that Professor Akazawa is very nice, in the library. I'm glad she's doing better, at least.
observershikou: (what the hell)
... So, Shiroko.

Do you know why Haitayuu is asking for my opinion on the both of us dating you?
observershikou: (ah...?)
... Considering trying out normal mill again, sometime, to meld better with things. Perhaps to switch between them...? I don't think I'd ever walk away from Necromill completely, but I have to wonder if I'm getting rusty from not having played basic for a while now.

... I should consider rebuilding the Necromill deck anyway, in order to help fit those two...

[Private] )
observershikou: (what the hell)
... I wonder if something is irritating Setsuo recently.

He dragged me out to places all day yesterday after classes were done, and he didn't tell me that he was looking for something until the end of it.

He looked a bit annoyed the whole time, too... But he denied it whenever I asked.

How odd.
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