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I feel I should give an update at least...

Setsuo seems to be... In and out of consciousness, so far. He hasn't really been coherent though, which is the problem. The doctor says that he doesn't seem to have anything wrong that they can find or begin treating, but he seems very weakened.

Thankfully at least, the injuries he sustained so far are healing, but... that's about it.
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[Private to Shikou]

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... Stupid question, was his Deck with him when he was found?
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Re: [Private to Shikou]

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Did he happen to have a Number among those cards?
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Re: [Private to Shikou]

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Not too sure on the matter, but something suddenly stinks.

And I'm gonna be going hunting. You're welcome to join.

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An update on my end:
We've had some developments on discovering who may of attacked him and what may of happened.

Private to Shikou

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There was an incident on the island recently where a 'Numbers Hunter' attacked some students, two of which are now in a comatose state similar to how Setsuo has been. We found that they have had a large amount of life energy drained from them.
One of the students that escaped was able to put a positive ID on this 'Numbers Hunter'.

It was Alexandra Grant.

Right now we're trying to chase up people who are close to her to get more information on what's going on but... Setsuo's situation and the situation of the students is similar enough to assume she was the one who attacked Setsuo too.

Re: Private to Shikou

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Neither did I, believe me.

Right now, we believe that she may not be doing this of her own free will. It's not like her and the student who identified her said that something felt different about her.
But for now, we won't know anything more until we talk to those she's closest too and until we get statements from those involved so far.
I don't expect to really be getting much out of Setsuo or the two affected students for a while yet though.

But, I'm glad to hear that Setsuo has at least started to regain conciousness.

Re: Private to Shikou

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Well, I've been told those affected by this life energy drain may not make a full recovery unless that life energy is returned to them, which is why it's important for us to find Alexandra as soon as possible.

As for why... well... if Judgeman has anything to do with this, then it's because he's trying to collect up the numbers, but he's going to very extreme and very questionable methods to do so.

Re: Private to Shikou

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I know what you mean.

Anyway, we're doing what we can to help Setsuo and the other's that have been affected. I'll keep you updated.

Re: Private to Shikou

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I hope so to.