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So, ah...

I've noticed that Setsuo has been gradually more and more down recently, when I see him. I think he's starting to get lonely, since Moeko's not been around. He tries to act cheery, but it's getting rather obvious.

I don't know what exactly can be done about it, given the circumstances... But I do want to help try to cheer him up. I just wish I had a good idea of how. His interests have always seemed a bit kid-like, but I'm never sure if that's really what he wants.

... Maybe I'm just over-thinking this and should take him when I go out of the city, sometime.
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... I feel like someone mentioned me.

I don't really like that feeling...

... Ah, I haven't really used this very often. Not since... October? I got a new job doing manager work for one of Noriko's stores, and I'm working out attempting to renew being a Pro Duelist. I changed my deck, so hopefully this will work out better in terms of getting duels than Necromill did...

I'm still working on my other project, too. I'm managing some consistency with design, but that other thing still isn't working out...
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I think I might've managed something with a project I'm doing... But I'm not sure. I think my perception of it might be biased, since I've been working on it all this time...

I still can't manage one thing, though...

[Private to Alexandra]

... You don't need to respond to this. I don't really much expect you to, honestly. But...

I wanted to say thank you. For returning Setsuo's Number, and saying that you'll help get the other Noriko back.
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... I suppose there is really no point in saying anything to her, if that is how she's going to be, huh?
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I feel I should give an update at least...

Setsuo seems to be... In and out of consciousness, so far. He hasn't really been coherent though, which is the problem. The doctor says that he doesn't seem to have anything wrong that they can find or begin treating, but he seems very weakened.

Thankfully at least, the injuries he sustained so far are healing, but... that's about it.
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I feel this is important to note, but...

It appears that Setsuo was attacked-- apparently sometime last night. He was found unconscious and beaten up, his duel disk still activated.

They're still investigating what might've happened, and the current belief is that a duel gang might've attacked him, but they're not certain. It's a very busy area, especially around that time of day, but as far as I could be told, no one saw anything.

... and it doesn't help that he's been unconscious this whole time.
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I sometimes wonder about what I should do with myself. In terms of work.

I mean, I do like working at Labirinto, but I do wish at times that my skillset wasn't so... Limited. And I don't really get many duels, since my deck isn't very suitable for it... I should really think about rethinking my strategies, at some point.

Though, it'd probably help if I were more comfortable with attention... Not having that really limits things a lot more, it's starting to feel like. For now, working as a guard is okay, but as years go by... It's going to get restrictive.
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*Let's say we're in one of the many rooms that're in the Hotel that Euphie and Shiroko own.

Porcelain Curse Bearer, after you got unceremoniously knocked out after flying to the back of the church after a duel against an ogre and a warrior, you may find yourself snapping back to a state of consciousness and/or awareness in a room.

And there's someone watching you, looking lightly unamused by your previous antics, standing in front of the only door out of the room. There's a level of... pressure coming from him, that doesn't immediately catch your attention while you're unaware, but once you are...

Let's just say it's a little unnerving.*


Oct. 11th, 2014 01:22 pm
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*Hey you know whose birthday it was yesterday.

This guy and his sibling.

The sibling however tends to spend most free time in the secluded privacy of a private library, so your only choice is to encounter Shikou if you want to, who seems to be looking into what seems to be a pet shop, where the animals on display are thankfully blissfully unaware that he's there, due to the glass, wearing a loose open hoodie, since the weather has gotten a little cooler now. Not too cool, but.

Maybe go see how he's doing.*


Jul. 12th, 2014 12:48 am
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|Vortex King|008|CAC|Fiend/Effect/Synchro|Dark|8||1000|2900|1 tuner + 1 or more non-tuner monsters. Whenever a monster you control is destroyed, your opponent sends cards equal to that monster's level from the top of their deck to the graveyard. When this card is destroyed, you can remove it from play to remove from play the top eight cards of your opponent's deck. If you control another monster, this monster cannot be selected as an effect target.|0|
|Me'er the Horned Beast|009|CAC|Beast/Effect/Tuner|Dark|4||800|1600|If this card is sent to the Graveyard for a Synchro Summon, send the top 2 cards of your opponent's Deck to the Graveyard.|0|
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*So Juudai, Shikou wanted to explain things to you while you both looked for rifts, so that's what's going to happen.

You'll find Shikou at whatever place you might've designated to start at, and you'd probably be bringing along the bots, since they're the ones who can locate whatever's wrong. You'll notice though that he's carrying a fairly large and long steel case with him in one gloved hand, as he waits for you.*
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Juudai, you were looking out for objects with an emblem of... A lion, with a stinger and wings, correct?

I'm currently in possession of two... belts, I guess, that match that description. Though, I will admit now, they're broken.
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*You're back in that dense forest, but this time, it seems to be at night-- the moon is full and shining brightly through the canopy of the trees, and it feels a bit muggy.

You may follow the sound of running water to find a running stream of water, probably with fish swimming through it... and something human-sized and furry crouched by the water's edge, focusing into it.*
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*You're in the middle of an expansive forest.

The sun is streaming down through the thick canopy, and you're most likely dressed appropriately in clothes that are easy to move in and keep you cool.

You however, have the distinct feeling that something is hunting. Hunting you? Maybe. Hunting the other animals you see flicking through the forest? That's also possible.

All you know is that you, every so often, hear the foliage rustle, the quiet crunch of the grass, a feeling of being stalked and watched.*
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... I'm a little surprised they're still trying to keep up the idea that this is a tournament...

[Dual Post]

Mar. 6th, 2013 03:30 pm
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Mmm... Has anyone ever felt frustrated about something that they can't do, but should be able to do?


*Shikou's sitting under a tree in the park, mostly keeping to himself, reading something.

But then he seems to get a bit antsy, glancing around and seeing that no one's really around, or paying attention to him, as he closes his book, instead raising one of his clawed hands to hover over some of the ground and grass next to him.

He focuses, his fingers bending slightly as the earth under the hand's shadow shifts slightly, the smallest clumps of dirt starting to raise, as though beckoned to him.

He however, seems a bit annoyed at the results.*

Mm, only this much...
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I figured it would be best to post this so Juudai is aware, and since Souha does... Not seem to be entirely coherent just yet.

This weekend, Souha and I, and several others, helped to take care of the witch situation that was harassing Noriko, at that parlor place that was in the city. We both encountered a Number there-- Number 7: Lucky Straight. He, the Number themselves, challenged Souha to a duel, and thankfully, Souha won. Though through odd circumstances.

However, it had tried to... mentally tear them apart during the duel itself.
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... I actually wonder a bit, if there are more Number cards that aren't necessarily malevolent.

The one I obtained recently doesn't really seem like it... Honestly, it's the first one I'd ever consider using to any extent. Not that I would, but...
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Well. Multiple things.

First of all, Shiroko is alright now.

Second of all, I need a new Duel Disk.

And third of all... I feel somewhat ill.
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I am quite certainly not fond of the Numbers cards.

Or of screaming. I am very much not fond of screaming. At all.
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